Puppy Dog Eyes

Last week brought a very exciting delivery; seeing the culmination of a couple of month’s hard work – my new card range arrived hot off the presses of my local printer!

This latest range, which I’ve affectionately entitled the ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ Collection, features the adorable faces of four of my brand new dog designs:

Baxter the Border Terrier



Geoffrey the Schnauzer


Peggy Sue the Pug


And Teddie the Dachshund


Each pooch began its life as a hand drawing, inspired by my love of dogs, and their quirky, lovable personalities. We have Baxter, the grumpy little Border Terrier; Geoffrey the quizzical (dare I say disapproving) Schnauzer; Peggy Sue the permanently confused Pug; and ‘Captain Needy Pants, aka Teddie the Dachshund!

Each drawing went through many stages before being ready to be used as artwork for each of the four card designs. Each began as small pencil sketches, which evolved into large ink drawings; these were then scanned, allowing me to digitally refine each design, using Photoshop and Illustrator, to create bold, crisp lines, and a striking graphic style.

The various stages of Geoffrey the Schnauzer

I hope I’ve managed to capture just some of the character that makes these dogs so well loved!

My ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ cards, plus many more doggy designs, can be found over on my Etsy shop, Wrapped By Alice.


The Joy of Collaborating

Just though I’d give you a little sneak peek of a project I’ve been working on over the weekend. I was contacted in the week by the lovely Chloe, of That Lame Company, a small creative business, like mine, producing gorgeous stationery and cute phone cases. Chloe was wondering whether I’d be interested in joining forces for their Spring Big Box of Lame – a seasonal box, stuffed full of stationery goodness, to quell the appetite of fellow addicts of all things paper!

Check out the awesomeness in the Summer Box of Lame! Photo courtesy of Colours & Carousels

Of course, I hopped straight on board, and offered to provide some little packs of my tags, containing a mix of my designs; you won’t know exactly what you’re getting, so it’s like a lucky dip – so much fun!

Great photo shared via Fotor
Sneak peek of a just a few of my gift tag sets.

The Spring Big Box of Lame will be available very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for next week’s announcement, when you’ll find out what other goodies will be included, and most importantly how you can get your mitts on one.

Japanese-Style Gift Wrapping

Last week I had a delivery of several thousand stickers, featuring a variety of my designs; I thought it would be a fun idea to put stickers in with each of my gift wrap orders, so that my lovely customers could use them to seal their freshly wrapped presents!


I also came across a great YouTube tutorial last week, which shows a Japanese-style gift wrapping technique:

It’s sometimes tricky to keep up with a video, when you’re doing something for the first time, so I thought I would break it down for you, step by step, in my own tutorial, featuring my new stickers!

Step 1

Place your gift on your wrapping paper, so it sits diagonally; there should be a little excess paper at each bottom corner of your gift, with a larger amount of spare paper at the top two corners (see pic). It is with the bottom end of the parcel that we will begin.


Step 2

Fold the bottom corner up, and fold along the edge to make a crisp crease.


Step 3

Start with the bottom left corner, and fold the corner in, as shown.


Step 4

Bring the paper on the left upwards, to form a straight edge, at the corner, as pictured.


Step 5

Now fold along the left edge, to create a crisp fold, and secure the paper with a sticker, as shown.


Step 6

Repeat the same process with the bottom right corner.


Step 7

Now, turn you parcel round, so the end that was furthest away from you, is now nearest to you. Start with the right corner, and fold the paper in from the middle, as shown.


Step 8

Repeat with the left corner.


Step 9

Now, fold the flap of paper up, and fold along the edge to create another crisp fold, then secure with another sticker, as shown.


And You’re Done!


My favourite thing about this style of gift wrapping is the beautiful neat corners it creates:


And, if you practise a lot you might even get as quick as this guy: