Peony Prints

I have to admit to you that I am a little cuckoo about peonies! They’re my favourite flower, and I wait all year in anticipation of their arrival; I’m lucky enough to have two really well established peony plants in my garden, and from May onward I’m pretty much constantly checking on their progress. Last year, it rained so much that they rotted on the stem before they even had chance to come out, so 2017 owed me big time!

A peony in my garden, getting ready to bloom!

I’m glad to report that I’ve not been disappointed; one corner of the garden has been chock-a-block with these beautiful flowers for the past couple of weeks – look how beautiful!

A proper stunner, and so many more waiting in the wings!

I decided to draw on this love as the inspiration for a new design. To be honest, I only ever draw what I love, which is why there are so many dog designs in my ranges – as Beyoncé would say – ‘sorry, I ain’t sorry’! 🙂 

So, I decided it was high time to introduce a peony design into the Wrapped By Alice mix. I began by drawing some simple ink illustrations of peonies in various stages of bloom. From these drawings, I carved rubber stamps, or block cuts, as they can be called. 

peony carving
Initial Sketch, Rubber Carving, and First Test Print
peony carvings
My Finished Carvings

 I can now use these block cuts to hand print my new peony product range – from original prints, where I use all of my carvings, to produce a unique little work of art each time:

peony print 3
Original Peony Print

To pretty necklaces, featuring a flower just starting to bloom, which I hand print onto eco-friendly birch wood tiles, before sealing with a glass dome, and placing within a silver pendant fixing:

peony tiles pendant 2
Lots of little wooden tiles ready to become pendants.

Above all, with this new range, I just hope I’ve been able to capture a bit of the happiness that these lovely flowers make me feel, hopefully I’ve done them a smidgen of justice.

peony flat lay cropped
One of my original prints, surrounded by its inspiration

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