Fergus the Scottie Dog

I thought I’d share the creative process behind a new make today; meet my adorable (and rather dapper) Scottie dog, Fergus!

scottie print 3
Fergus Print

Fergus began life earlier this year, when – thanks to a pesky tonsillectomy which forced me to take several weeks off work – I actually had the time to sit down and draw – I’d been planning a Scottie design for a while, and now was my opportunity to bring it to life!

I began, as I always do, with a simple sketch in fine line ink. This time, I initially drew just the head – a Scottie’s face is so expressive, and I only had the energy to draw for a short time.

First Sketch

The next day, I fleshed out Fergus, giving him a full body:

Second Sketch

From this point, I took a high resolution scan of my sketch, and used photoshop, and then illustrator, to create a crisp vector of my original design.


Scottie Vector Watermarked
Finished Vector

I plan to use this design to create digital artwork in the future, but I also wanted to be able to use it to create a large block cut, which I could use in the production of original prints. In order to do this I traced this large, crisp image onto a sheet of rubber, before carving out the design by hand.

scottie inked
Inked Rubber Carving of Fergus

Using this block cut, and archival inks, I then produced my own original art prints.

scottie inked 2
Stage 1: Printing Fergus

The eagle-eyed amongst you may be wondering where Fergus’s bow tie has gone; after all, a gentleman can’t go out without his bow tie! Fear not, I carved the bow as a separate stamp, so that I would be able to add it in in a separate colour – I felt Fergus needed a pop of colour, and chose a crimson red just for the job!

Now, all that remained to do was sign and number each print – the Fergus Print is limited edition, with only 50 prints available in the run; if you’d like to get your paws on one, you can do so over in my Etsy shop!

scottie print 2
A Finished Print

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about the creative process behind my new Fergus Print!