The Joy of Collaborating

Just though I’d give you a little sneak peek of a project I’ve been working on over the weekend. I was contacted in the week by the lovely Chloe, of That Lame Company, a small creative business, like mine, producing gorgeous stationery and cute phone cases. Chloe was wondering whether I’d be interested in joining forces for their Spring Big Box of Lame – a seasonal box, stuffed full of stationery goodness, to quell the appetite of fellow addicts of all things paper!

Check out the awesomeness in the Summer Box of Lame! Photo courtesy of Colours & Carousels

Of course, I hopped straight on board, and offered to provide some little packs of my tags, containing a mix of my designs; you won’t know exactly what you’re getting, so it’s like a lucky dip – so much fun!

Great photo shared via Fotor
Sneak peek of a just a few of my gift tag sets.

The Spring Big Box of Lame will be available very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for next week’s announcement, when you’ll find out what other goodies will be included, and most importantly how you can get your mitts on one.


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